Mobile Access: Instant POS Transaction Details Download

Exciting Product Update Alert: View and Download POS Transaction Details Straight from Your Mobile Device

We’re ecstatic to bring to all our clients the ability to view an invoice for any Point of Sale (POS) transaction made, along with effortlessly downloading digital receipts straight from the apps.

What’s New in This Update?

Attach Invoice Feature: We are making paperwork easier for you. From now on, invoices will automatically attach to every POS transaction you complete, so there is no need for any additional manual work from your side.

Digital Receipts Availability: A PDF version of your receipt is just a few clicks away! For every successful POS transaction, users can now easily download a digital receipt and share it with the customer via their preferred communication channel(s).

Quick Setup Guide

Ready to make the most of this feature? If you have your app ready, follow these steps:

  1. Select your account on your chosen app.
  2. Perform a successful transaction using POS, and make sure to link a contact to this transaction.
  3. After completion, navigate to the transactions section from the POS module or go to the transaction tab on your customer’s contact card.
  4. Click on the successful transaction you have completed, and you will see View Item Breakdown and Download Receipt at the bottom of the page. Click to either view the attached invoice or download a PDF version of the receipt.

Note: Before you can attach a receipt to a transaction, you’ll need to enable automatic sales receipts in your Payments settings.

Advantages Of This Update

By providing invoices and receipts, this update further enhances transparency with our clients’ customers. The convenience of this feature makes the transaction process smoother and user-friendly. So, it undoubtedly brings more value to your daily operations.

Upcoming Features

While this update brings significant advantages, we’re always aiming to enhance your experience more. Therefore, expect these features shortly:

Immediate Receipt Sharing: After the transaction’s success, users will be able to share the receipt directly from that screen.

Capturing and Sharing Customer Details: This feature will enable users to capture details for a new customer and share the receipt with them over email or text message, right from the transaction success screen.

Below are screenshots that provide an illustration of how these features look like:

Transaction log
Transaction card with invoice and receipt

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