Multi-Language Support Added to Affiliate Manager Feature

What have we done? 🌟

  • We have implemented multi-language support for our Affiliate Manager feature. With this enhancement, users can access the platform in their preferred language, resulting in improved usability and an enhanced user experience. This feature significantly improves usability and offers a superior experience for users who communicate in languages other than English. This release addresses the challenge faced by non-native English speakers who previously struggled to comprehend the text.

What’s new? 🔥

  • Users have the option to choose their preferred language from a comprehensive list of available languages.
  • The three pages under Affiliate Manager will exhibit all text elements in the chosen language, encompassing buttons, labels, modals, and success/error messages.
  • Our internationalization support covers the following languages: –
  1. Portuguese Portugal
  2. Portuguese Brazil
  3. Spanish
  4. German
  5. Italian

How can the user set-up their language preference? 🛠️

  • Users will be able to select the preferred platform language under Settings -> Business Profile -> Platform Language

**What’s coming up next?:**🔮
We will be adding support for the following languages very soon

  1. French Canada
  2. French France
  3. Dutch
  4. Swedish
  5. Finnish
  6. Norwegian
  7. Danish