Multiple Meeting Locations Added to Calendar

New Feature Update: Multiple Meeting Locations in Calendar

We are excited to announce a significant enhancement to our calendar feature that empowers bookers with greater flexibility. Introducing the ability to add multiple meeting locations to your calendar settings! 🎉

What's New?

Previously, users could only configure a single meeting location, and bookers had no option to choose their preferred meeting spot. With this new feature, you can now configure multiple locations within your calendar settings. These locations will be displayed on the booking widget, enabling bookers to select their preferred meeting location. This chosen location will then be used for all subsequent communications and purposes.


How to Use This Feature

Adding multiple meeting locations to your calendar is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to configure your preferred locations:

  1. Navigate to your calendar settings and select the calendar you wish to configure.
  2. For Event Calendar: Scroll down to the meeting location section.
  3. For Round Robin Calendar: Scroll down to the team members section.
  4. Click on the "+Add Location" button.
  5. Choose and configure your desired locations.
  6. Once you have added your meeting locations, click on "Save."

Important Notes

  • Multiple meeting locations can be configured only for the Event Calendar and Round Robin Calendar with one team member.
  • This feature is supported only for default forms and is not compatible with custom forms.
  • Only the Neo widget supports this feature.


By allowing users to choose their preferred meeting location, we aim to provide a more tailored and convenient scheduling experience. This enhancement is perfect for businesses with multiple locations or team members who travel frequently.

In Case You Missed It

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For more information, explore our FAQ or request a demo to see this feature in action. We look forward to enhancing your experience with our ever-evolving platform.