New Appointment Webhooks for Real-Time Updates

New Appointment Webhooks for Real-Time Updates

We're proud to reveal the latest feature for our developer community – calendar webhooks. This significant addition paves the way for seamless integration and real-time updates, elevating your ease of appointment management.

What's New with the Webhooks?

The new calendar webhooks trigger real-time notifications focused on three key actions:

  • AppointmentCreate: Receive instant notifications every time a new appointment is scheduled. This enhances your awareness and allows for faster response times.

  • AppointmentUpdate: Stay updated whenever an existing appointment undergoes any modification. This grants you a better handle on the changes in your schedule.

  • AppointmentDelete: Get instantaneous alerts each time an appointment is cancelled or removed. This prevents any scheduling conflicts and ensures smoother timetable management.

The introduction of these calendar webhooks presents an improved developer experience through real-time updates, making appointment management more efficient.

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