New Certificate Management Features

Exciting Enhancements: Introducing New Certificate Management Features

We are excited to announce new updates to our certificate management functions. We have listened to your feedback and have introduced new features to help you have a seamless certificate management experience.

Preview and Download Your Certificates

We have updated our client portal to allow users to preview and download their certificates directly. This improvement in the management of documents keeps all your issued certificates in one easily accessible place. No longer worry about the hassle of losing or misplacing important certificates.

Easy Sharing of Certificates

Share your certificates effortlessly with our new update. Users can now copy the link of their certificates directly from the client portal and share them as needed. This feature eliminates the need to manually attach certificates in e-mails or other communication platforms.

Bug Fixes in Certificate Management

In our constant pursuit of excellence, we are continually upgrading our system. We have fixed an issued where previously, if templates were deleted, the corresponding issued certificates were not visible. Your feedback helped us identify this issue, and we appreciate your inputs in making SMBcrm better and easier to use.

Enhanced Use of Custom Values

To make our system user friendly, we are introducing additional custom values. Users can now utilize standard custom values like ‘user’, ‘contact’ and ‘right_now’. This enhancement goes a notch higher to allow users to create and use manual custom values created in Settings > Custom Values. This update aims to provide a more personalized user experience.

Connect with Us

We are always eager to hear from you. Share your user experience, ask your queries, or suggest ways we can upgrade our services to serve you better. Reach out to our talented team here.

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