New Enhancements for Order Form Payments

Enhancements for Order Form Payments

We are thrilled to announce an upgrade to our order form that will streamline your business operations. Our newest update will allow you to capture not only credit card information but also Zip Code and Country information for your patrons.

More Than Just a Credit Card Number

With this latest update, we have targeted one of the most common concerns of our users: the need to capture comprehensive billing details for their customers. Prior to this update, the default system set-up captured only credit card details, which, while vital for payment processing, often fell short of providing a complete data picture.

But we heard you and we’ve acted on it.

Now, you can easily capture necessary details such as Zip Code and Country, aside from the credit card information. This enables you to have a broader and more effective understanding of your customers’ billing information, improving your overall business operations.

For those who don’t really need these additional details, opting out juat as easy.

Order Form Settings

Order Form

Order Form Processing

Easy Implementation

To benefit from this feature, you’ll need to enable it from your order form settings in the funnel/website builder. Once activated, your order forms would include fields for Zip Code and Country along with credit card details.

It’s worth noting that this functionality is applicable only for and NMI connection. The captured Zip Code and country details will be sent to the respective payment provider as billing information.

This update allows you to tailor your services more adequately to your customers’ needs without affecting your daily operations.

Request a live demo to see this new feature in action, or contact us for any questions you have.

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