New Feature Announcement: Personalized Brand Domains for Your Account

We’re thrilled to share with you a significant enhancement to our system. In line with your feedback and as a solution to a critical concern, we now offer you the ability to add domains directly at your account level. This upgrade promises to offer you increased customization and control over your outbound communications.

Why Was this Feature Necessary?

In the past, some users faced challenges related to the use of our api link. The sharing of a single domain held potential risk—as a negative reputation from one account could affect all users sharing the same domain. This often resulted unfortunate email tagging as spam, thereby impacting overall communication effectiveness.

What’s the Change?

To tackle this issue and provide our users with more command, we’ve introduced domain customization at the account level. Thus, your business can now add and utilize its own unique brand domain for email templates, invoices, forms, and other outbound links. What’s more, this ensures that the domain identity is exclusive to your account, thus safeguarding email deliverability for all users.

How Does it Work?

It’s straightforward!

  1. First, establish a CNAME at your DNS provider which points to “”.
  2. Next, navigate to your account settings and select the ‘Company’ section.
  3. From there, you can simply add your branded domain in the “Branded Domain” input field.

Through this new update, we continue to strive for the optimization of your user experience with us here at SMBcrm.

Request a demo today to experience the convenience and control of our new account-level domain customization feature.

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