Add Captions to Social Planner Posts

New Product Update: Review Post Upgrade – Add Caption to the Review Post

We’re super excited to share a new update to the Social Planner feature on SMBcrm! Based on valuable feedback from our customers during the Product Townhall, we’re introducing the ability to add captions to your review posts.

How Does Review Post Work?

To make the most of this new feature, here is a step-by-step guide on using the Review Post with caption support:

  1. Navigate to Social Planner:
    • Go to Marketing > Social Planner.
  2. Create a New Post:
    • Click on Create New Post.
  3. Select the Review Post Option:
  • In the options, select Review Post.
  • Note: When creating review post automation, it will consider all new posts.
  1. Add a Caption:
    • Within the review post, the option to add a caption is now available.
    • Note: If you add a caption, the content will be taken from there. Otherwise, it will publish the image and the caption will reflect the review content.

Here are some example images demonstrating the new capability:

Review Post Option
Adding a Caption
Published Post with Caption

Benefits to You

  • Enhanced Engagement:
    Personalized captions can help make your posts more engaging and tailored to your audience.
  • Consistency in Messaging:
    Ensure your posts remain consistent with your brand messaging by controlling the captions.
  • Easy Automation:

With the optional captions, you can streamline your social media efforts without losing the personal touch.

For more information on how to effectively use Social Planner for your business, check out our Capture page where you can learn more about how our tools can aid in customer acquisition.

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