New Feature Update Delete Payment Links Directly from Dashboard

To provide you with more control and better management, we’ve added a new feature to our system allowing you to delete payment links directly from your dashboard. This enhancement is a response to requests and feedback from agencies that seek a cleaner and more organized dashboard.

Benefits to End Users

This update targets removing redundant payment links from your dashboard, creating a more streamlined view for your business. In addition to an organized workflow, this feature also includes generating audit logs for all deleted payment links, improving your ability to keep track and providing a more secure and transparent transaction history.

Once a payment link is deleted, it will no longer be available to the end user for capturing payments. A 404 page will show up in its place, indicating the non-existence of the link.

Guide on Using the New Feature

To leverage this new feature:

  1. Navigate to the Payments Page
  2. Click on the Payment Links Tab
  3. Find the payment link you want to delete, click on the three dots next to that link, and then select delete
  4. Upon opening the confirmation modal, click ok

Following these steps will refresh your dashboard and successfully delete the selected payment link.

To check the audit logs after deletion, follow this path: Go to Settings -> Audit Logs -> Filters -> Payment Links. This will give you important insights into all deleted payment links.

Payment Links management interface with delete option highlighted.
Screenshot of online payment links management interface.

Screenshot of software's audit logs interface.

We continue to move forward in making our platform user-friendly and productive based on your needs and feedback. For any questions or extra information, feel free to contact us.

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