New Feature Update Now Set a Signing Order for Documents & Contracts

New Feature Update: Now Set a Signing Order for Documents & Contracts

We are pleased to announce the implementation of a new Signing Order feature for your documents and contracts. This tool provides greater flexibility when sending documents, making it an optimal tool for users who require approvers for their documents.

Key Updates: What’s New in Your Document and Contract Management?

Enable or Disable Signing Order: You now have the option to enforce a signing order for your document recipients which manages the sequence of their access.

Drag and Drop Reordering: We’re taking flexibility one step further with the capability to easily reorder your signers or recipients according to your preference.

Email Triggering Sequence: To keep your signers in the loop efficiently, with the enabled signing order, emails will be triggered according to the recipient’s order. Conversely, by disabling the signing order, all recipients will receive their email alerts simultaneously.

Enable & Disable Screenshot

How Can You Benefit from this New Feature?

Maintain Control: With the ability to dictate your desired signing order, you will ensure a streamlined process across all your documents and contracts.

Boost Efficiency: Utilizing drag and drop functionality in your process will simplify the management of your signers or recipients, saving you valuable time.

How to Use the New Signing Order Feature?

To enable or disable the signing order, navigate to your document or contract sending interface and toggle the Signing Order switch according to your needs.

To reorder your signers or recipients, merely click and hold on the desired name, drag it to your preferred position in the list, and release.

Drag & Drop Screenshot

As for email, when the signing order is enabled, emails are triggered sequentially based on the recipient order. But, when the order is disabled, all emails are sent out simultaneously.

Email Triggering Screenshot

This feature was designed to add sophistication to your document management system, and cater to precise control over the signing process, enhancing compliance, efficiency, and, ultimately, the overall user experience.

For any queries, you can always reach out to us through our contact us page. Also, don’t forget to stay updated with our latest news and updates on our blog.

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