New Features To Facilitate Your Google Sheets Actions In Workflow

New Features To Facilitate Your Google Sheets Actions In Workflow

We are delighted to introduce a new action type to the Google Sheets functionality within your Workflows. This enhancement enables the lookup of multiple rows in Google Sheets, optimizing your data management tasks even further.

What's New

Our latest update offers the ability to comb through sheets and output all the rows that meet specified lookup conditions. This feature significantly improves the efficiency of data analysis and reporting.

How to Use the New Action Type

The process to leverage this new feature is simple:

  1. Access Workflows and select the Google Sheets Action.

  2. Identify the related account, drive, spreadsheet, and worksheet.

  3. Choose an option to initiate the search from the bottom or top.

    Start Search

  4. Choose the column for the search and specify the value to look for.

    Search Value

  5. Select the number of rows to extract in the output.

Select Rows

  1. Enable the case-sensitive lookup option or select to create a new spreadsheet if the searched value isn't existent.

    Case Sensitive Lookup

Example Use Cases

This versatile enhancement can be utilized across several scenarios. For instance, it can help you:

  • Extract data based on specific categories.
  • Locate leads that match particular criteria.
  • Process data with certain values.

Each update we roll out aims at streamlining your tasks and boosting your productivity. If you need assistance with any of these features, please feel free to contact our support team.

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