Filters & Status Upgrades for Documents in Workflows

New Filters and Status Upgrades for Documents and Contracts in Workflows

We’re delighted to introduce enhancements to our workflow configurations. Now you’re equipped with more control over your workflows than before.

Filter by Template

Our new filter allows you to select a template from your pre-created list in the Documents and Contracts section as you’re configuring your workflow. This means you can now configure different workflows for different templates, boosting your process’s versatility.

Workflow Template Filter

Filter by Recipient Type

Elevate your marketing approach with customizability. You can trigger different workflows based on whether the document is sent to your Recipient Contact or the Business User itself.

Recipient Type Filter

‘Viewed’ Status Integration

Keep track of recipient activity with our new ‘Viewed’ status. Now trigger different workflows knowing if the document was viewed by the recipient or not.

Viewed Status

Utilizing the Feature

With the addition of these filters for Recipient Type and Template Type, you can truly customize your workflow according to the specifics of each type.

For the ‘Viewed’ status, you can tailor your workflows based on your recipients’ engagement. Configure the status to “Viewed” when setting up the workflow to make use this new feature.

This update elevates the power and usability of workflows for documents and contracts. By providing more detailed control in customization, it enhances your customer targeting and communication strategy.

Also, be sure to check out our newly introduced resend feature for email campaigns.

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