New Image Action Options Enhance Funnel and Website Builder Tools

Image Action Enhancements: More Versatility and Control for Funnel & Website Builder Users

We're excited to announce new enhancements to the Image Action feature in our funnel and website builder tools. These updates are designed to give users more versatile options when incorporating Image Action across various elements, substantially improving overall user experience.

New Image Action Options:

These updates provide users with additional functionalities beyond the existing 'open popup' and 'go to website URL' options. The new actions available are:

  • Hide Elements: Temporarily remove elements from view at the user's discretion, allowing for dynamic content management.
  • Show Elements: Reveal hidden elements as needed to deliver more interactive content experiences.
  • Scroll to Element: Automatically scroll to a particular element, enhancing navigation and user flow.
  • Step: Integrate steps within your funnels for more guided user journeys.
  • Next Step: Seamlessly move users to the following step in your flow.
  • Call: Enable users to initiate calls directly from images for immediate contact.
  • SMS: Quickly draft SMS messages triggered by image interactions.
  • Email Address: Launch email clients pre-populated with specific email addresses, facilitating direct communication.

Applicable Elements:

These Image Actions can now be applied to the following elements within your funnels and websites:

  • Image
  • Image Feature
  • Navigation Menu

Enhancing Your User Experience

These new functionalities allow you to create more engaging, interactive, and dynamic content. Whether you aim to guide users through a specific journey, simplify communication, or enrich the visual appeal of your websites and funnels, these enhancements provide the tools you need.

For more information on how to maximize these new Image Actions and other features, consider exploring our other Product Updates or Request a Demo to see them in action.

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Discover more about how these enhancements can elevate your business by visiting our FAQ and Blog for various tips and insights. If you have any feedback or need assistance, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.