New in SMBcrm: Audit Logs for Calendar Settings

New in SMBcrm: Audit Logs for Calendar Settings

We’re excited to roll out the Audit Logs for Calendar Settings feature! This powerful tool allows our valued customers to easily track all modifications made to their calendars. Changes such as who made the revisions, timestamps, and the specific settings altered can now be viewed with just a few clicks.

What’s New?

This latest feature provides an improved and clear overview of all changes to your calendars. It promotes transparency by reliably recording all adjustments, allowing for improved trouble-shooting and greater accountability. Better yet, we’ve made navigation easier by displaying the calendar ID in the calendar settings.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Easy checks on edits to calendars including the editor, modification time, and specifically altered settings
  • The feature simplifies troubleshooting by providing exact insights into changes made
  • Enhance navigation by displaying calendar ID in your calendar settings

Quick Guide: How To Use

To avail of this feature:

  1. Go to your Settings menu and select Audit Logs
  2. Choose “Calendars” under the module to view all changes across your calendars

For tracking specific calendars:

  1. Access your Calendar Settings and copy the Calendar ID
  2. Head over to the Settings > Audit Logs
  3. Paste your calendar ID in the ‘Document ID’ search box to view all relevant details of your selected calendar

Audit Logs
Detailed View

Optimize your calendar management with ease and precision! This is just one more way SMBcrm offers the tools you need to capture, nurture, and close all your leads. Explore here to check out more of our popular features.

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