New Loader Alert: Farewell 9-Dots and Hello Enhanced CSS Impact!

Farewell 9-Dots: Introducing Our New Loader and Its Impact on Custom CSS

We're excited to announce some important updates to our loader behavior. These changes aim to enhance your experience with our platform. However, please note that the updates may impact custom CSS settings.

🚨Breaking Changes

🔄 New Spinner

We're saying goodbye to our previous 9-dots loader and welcoming a sleek new spinner. This updated spinner will display different states based on various operations, such as initializing the app, fetching fresh data, and retrieving sub-account details.

New Spinner

⏱️ Infinite Loading State

To address infinite loading states (when the app doesn't load in 30 seconds), we've introduced a "Click Here to refresh" action. Clicking this link will refresh the page and automatically clear the browser cache.

Infinite Loading State

🐜 Error Capture

When you click the refresh action, we will capture any errors from the user's side and send them to our servers for further analysis. This information will aid in our debugging efforts and help us enhance the platform experience.

❗ Possible Impact for You 🔍

If you're using custom CSS to override the loader behavior, it might break or behave inconsistently due to these updates. We recommend checking your customization settings and making necessary adjustments to align with these changes.

Custom CSS Impact

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