New Product Update Enhanced Call Configuration

New Product Update – Enhanced Call Configuration

We are excited to announce an addition to the ‘Connect Call’ action within the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) settings. Navigating the IVR setup might sometimes get overwhelming due to the amount of data in play, but we have mitigated this complexity in one simple step, by showcasing the phone number next to each user.

Boosted User-Friendly Configuration

The smooth configuration process allows users to perform the IVR setup with the phone numbers clearly detailed along with each user. This efficient approach not only simplifies the setup process but also ensures seamless operations, bringing the important details to the forefront.

Improved Visibility

This minor enhancement significantly improves the visibility of the necessary information during the IVR setup. By presenting the phone numbers, users now have a detailed breakdown of all the elements at once, supporting informed decision-making.

In addition to these improvements, we’re also introducing optimization in the User Selection process.

Optimized User Selection

We understand how critical it is to extract maximum efficiency from your account operations while minimizing potential errors or disruptions. Therefore, we’ve disabled the selection of users lacking an associated phone number for the ‘Connect Call’ action. This vital change elevates the efficiency of the call forwarding process while eliminating potential roadblocks.

User interface example

We are confident these changes will provide a more streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly environment that will help improve your lead capture, nurture, and close processes.

We’re always excited to hear your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at contact us.

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