New Product Update: Send Quotes with Optional Items to Your Signers

Send Quotes with Optional Items to Your Signers

An exciting SMPcrm product update helps you to create more personalized and flexible quotes for your clients. You, as a Document Creator, can now add optional items to your Product List. Plus, with the new editable quantity feature, you can set minimum and maximum quantity limits to give your client the flexibility they need when selecting services or products.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Add optional items to the Product List to provide broader choices to your clients.
  • Use the Toggle to make the quantity editable for the signer, providing the flexibility they need when deciding on quantities.
  • Set limits on the minimum and maximum quantity that can be selected, ensuring you remain within your available stock or service offerings.
  • The updated Product List will be assigned to the primary recipient by default, streamlining contract or quote processes.
  • The total amount will now be updated based on the selected stage items only, ensuring clarity in cost and pricing for your client.

Using the New Feature

To make use of this new feature:

  1. Add a new product to your Product List.
  2. Enable Quantity editing from the Edit Quantity Toggle.
  3. Use the Optional Item Toggle to make a product selectable or unselectable.


This customizable feature gives your clients the freedom to select optional services together with the fixed ones, which can contribute to higher satisfaction and higher conversion rates. Plus, with this feature, you can send custom quotations with selectable items with ease.

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