New Updates: Branded Domains For Calendars Now Available

Exciting Update: Branded Domains For Calendars Now Available

Here at Leads365, we’re constantly innovating to improve your experience and enable you to personalize our tools to your brand. Taking another step in that direction, we bring to you the new feature update – branded domains for calendars.

With this latest update, you can now utilize the domain configured at the account level for all calendar links, thereby delivering a richer, more personalized experience to your users, directly within their calendars. This new feature will enable your calendar URLs to be tailored to your brand, enhancing your recognition and credibility amongst your users and visitors.

This feature will impact all calendar links such as:

  • Scheduling Link
  • Permanent Link
  • One-Time Link
  • Group Links
  • Service Menu Links
  • Calendar, Group, and Service Menu Embed Code
  • Reschedule Links and Cancellations Links
  • Google Organic Booking (Action URL and Service URL)

This change will be dependent on the configuration of the account-level branded domain. In cases where a branded domain hasn’t been configured at the account level, the system will continue using the agency-level API domain.

To leverage this feature, make sure your account is set up with a branded domain name. To do this, head over to ‘Business Profile’ under ‘Account Settings’ and configure your domain by creating a CNAME pointing to ‘’ under the Branded Domain section.

Curious about how this will look? Refer to these screenshots below:

We hope that this new feature helps better align your online tools with your brand identity for a more cohesive, professional user experience.

For more information on configuring your account settings, check out our FAQ section.

As always, we appreciate your feedback, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.

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