Pause or Stop Recurring Emails and SMS for Individual Contacts Now Available

Exciting New Feature: Pause or Stop Recurring Emails and SMS for Individual Contacts

We are thrilled to announce a valuable new update to our platform, specifically designed to enhance your control over recurring email and SMS review requests. Say hello to our newest feature that allows you to pause and restart SMS and email review requests for individual contacts seamlessly.

Key Highlights

Enhanced Control

With this update, you have the flexibility to temporarily stop and restart review requests for specific contacts without disrupting your ongoing campaigns. This ensures that you can manage your communication strategies more effectively, catering to individual contact needs.

Individual Contact Management

This new feature allows you to handle review requests at the contact level. By managing requests individually, you can deliver tailored communication, ensuring an optimal customer experience while maintaining the integrity of your broader campaign efforts.

How to Pause or Stop Email or SMS Review Requests for Users

  1. Go to 'Reputation' Tab:
    Navigate to the 'Reputation' tab in your SMBcrm dashboard.

  2. Navigate to 'Requests' Section:
    Within the 'Reputation' tab, go to the 'Requests' section.

  3. Click on 'Stop/Restart' Button:

Use the 'Stop/Restart' button to pause or resume review requests for individual contacts.

Screenshot Showing the New Feature

Why This Update Matters

This update empowers you to fine-tune your communication strategies, ensuring that each interaction feels personalized and relevant. Whether pausing communication for contacts who need some space or resuming requests to re-engage, this new feature offers greater control and customization for your outreach efforts.

Share Your Thoughts!

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Leverage this new feature to enhance your communication strategy and provide a more personalized experience for your contacts. Enjoy the enhanced control and make your campaigns even more effective with this latest update from SMBcrm!

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