Pre-Buffers Feature for Your Appointments

Exciting Update – Pre-Buffers Feature For Your Appointments

In our constant quest to offer more control and flexibility to our users, we are delighted to introduce the novel feature of pre-buffers. Until now, your calendars only had the option of adding post buffers. But with this latest update, you can enhance your scheduling capabilities with pre-buffers.

What’s So Special About This Update?

User-friendly and efficient, this feature allows you to add both pre and post buffers around an appointment. A pre-buffer is a handy tool that slots extra time before an actual appointment while the post-buffer is allocated time that follows an appointment. This feature can prove to be a game-changer if you require that additional few moments to gear up before a meeting or to recap and relax post a presentation.

This includes effectively managing your schedule by ensuring new appointments consider this buffer time.

Points to Keep in Mind

  1. Just a heads up, buffers are efficient on appointments booked only through the booking widget or directly from our app. Those created outside the app like on Google, Outlook, iCloud, etc., merely aid in finding a free slot when scheduling a buffer-integrated appointment from the widget or the app. As such, existing buffers cannot correlate with any other existing calendar events.
  2. Let’s assume a scenario where a 30-minute appointment has 15 minutes of buffers both before and after. Now, if an individual attempts to book an appointment on the same day, they would only find an available slot 30 minutes post to the existing booking. This happens due to the application of consequent buffers i.e., a 15-minutes post buffer after an existing appointment meshes with a 15-minute pre-buffer before the new booking.

How Do I Activate This Feature?

Activating the pre-buffer feature is a cinch. To get started:

  • Select the specific calendar where you want to insert buffers around your appointments.
  • Move over to the ‘Availability’ section.
  • Define the duration required for both pre and post buffers and click save.

Here you go, the picture below should guide you:


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