Preview and Edit Email Templates for Invoice Notifications Now Available

New Product Update – Invoices: Preview & Edit Email Templates for All Notifications

Exciting New Feature: Preview & Edit Email Templates for Invoice Notifications

We are excited to introduce a new feature within the Invoices Module that allows business users to preview and edit email templates for all invoice notifications. This update enhances user control over the default email templates, making it easier to customize notifications as per business needs.

Screenshot of customizable invoice template interface.

Key Features:

  • Preview & Edit Templates: Business users can now effortlessly preview and edit email templates for all types of invoice notifications directly within the Invoices Module.
  • Default Template Customization: Customize the default email template to fit your specific notification requirements, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Multiple Notification Types: Configure email templates for 10 types of notifications, covering both team and customer notifications.
  • Save & Reuse Templates: Edit and save customized templates for future use, streamlining your notification process.
  • Real-Time Template Preview: Preview the email template while creating one-time or scheduling recurring invoices, with an option to edit directly from the invoice editor.

Screenshot of invoice settings and notification templates.

Why This Update?

We received multiple requests from our customers through our ideas board and support tickets, expressing a need for more control over the default email templates used for various notifications. This update provides that control and enhances the entire user experience in the Invoices Module by keeping all functionality easily accessible within the same module.

How to Use It:

  1. Access Settings:
    • Navigate to Payments -> Invoices.
    • Click on the settings icon on the invoice page.
  2. Preview and Edit:
    • Select Notifications.
    • You’ll see a preview link beside the Email Template option.
  3. Send Invoice:
    • Create a new invoice via Payments -> Invoices -> Create New Invoice.
    • Upon clicking Send, a modal opens up displaying a preview of the template that will be sent to the customer, allowing for real-time edits.

Screenshot of new digital invoice creation interface.

What’s Next?

We are planning to extend similar functionality to SMS templates for all invoice notifications. Furthermore, we will be introducing this capability to the Receipts Module shortly.

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