Razorpay Integration for Enhanced Payments

New Product Update – Razorpay Integration is Now Live

Enhanced Payment Processing with Razorpay

We’re excited to announce the integration of a popular payment provider in India, Razorpay, into our platform. This enhancement enables business users to process payments efficiently via Razorpay, delivering greater flexibility and convenience.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Payment Options: Accept one-time payments, custom amounts, and recurring payments across various channels like order forms, invoices, payment links, forms, and contacts pages.
  • Subscription Management: Manage subscriptions seamlessly, including options for cancellation, updating card details on file, and handling refunds.
  • Solving Business Challenges: Addresses a significant pain point for agencies catering to businesses in India by streamlining payment processes.

How to Get Started

  1. Install the Application: Navigate to the App Marketplace within your account to find and install the Razorpay application.
  2. Authentication: Use the required API keys and grant necessary permissions to start accepting payments.
  3. Integration Management: Once installed, the Razorpay integration will appear under the Payments -> Integrations page. You can set it as the default payment method or disconnect it anytime.

Consistent Integration Experience

The Razorpay application functions similarly to existing payment integrations like Stripe, NMI, and Authorize.net. It supports all payment capabilities, including:

  • Automated sales receipts
  • Payment received and order submitted triggers
  • Refund processing
  • Applying discounts via coupon codes

Technical Framework and Future Prospects

This integration leverages our Custom Provider framework, paving the way for third-party developers to integrate various payment gateways seamlessly. This step opens up endless possibilities for global payment gateway integrations.

Razorpay Integration
Integration Process
Seamless Payments
Management Capabilities
Endless Possibilities

For more details on how to make the most of our features, explore our product updates.

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