Revamp Your Surveys: Introducing Powerful Footer Customization

Discover New Exciting Features for Your Surveys

We're thrilled to announce the release of our innovative survey design update. Now, you're ready to reshape the look and feel of your survey designs like never before.

Our new update allows you to immerse yourself deeper into the world of survey design with increased control over the footer customization. You can modify themes, background color, font, height, position, and the text of your survey footer to match your branding aesthetics.

What's in the Update:

Choose Your Theme

We've added options for you to customise your survey footer with different themes, including a percentage progress bar or steps progress bar. No matter what theme you choose, you can be assured of a unique and engaging experience for your survey participants.

Tailor the Aesthetics

Our exciting update allows you to modify the background, font, and height of your survey footer, enabling you to align it with your brand identity.

Modify Your Progress Bar

Your survey's progress bar is the path on which your participants journey. Adjust its appearance to suit your style and preferences to create a cohesive and interactive feeling.

Flexible Button Colour and Position

Here at SMBcrm, we understand the importance of the details. That's why we've added a feature for you to customize the button colour and position within the footer, allowing you to maintain a polished look optimal for engagement.

No more disjointed designs – our newly improved survey builder allows your footer to stick to each slide, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Real-Time Preview

Live preview your footer customisations directly within the builder to receive instant feedback. This helps you ensure that your survey is well-designed and cohesive before you send it out.

Notes 📝

For newly created surveys, the footer customisation options will be enabled by default and cannot be turned off. For existing surveys, the default old footer will remain. However, you have the power to toggle on the new footer customisation options for an upgraded look and feel.

Use our new survey tool on your account now and take advantage of lead generation strategies for a better business performance. If you need more assistance, you may visit our FAQ page or request a demo from our team.

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