Revamped Message Composer: Sleek Design and Enhanced Functionality for Engaging Conversations

Introducing New Functionalities and Design for Conversations Message Composer

We are excited to announce significant enhancements to the composer in the conversation panel for all channels. This update brings a range of improvements that will greatly enhance your email and message building experience.

A. Sleek and Modern Design

  • The UI of our Message Builder has undergone a complete redesign, featuring a sleek and modern look.
  • The new interface creates a visually appealing environment, allowing users to focus on crafting captivating emails.

B. Accessible Tools

  • Our updated UI introduces streamlined tools that make email creation faster and more efficient.
  • We have reorganised the formatting options in the composer, making them more accessible and intuitive.
  • Users can now spend less time navigating menus and more time designing engaging content.

C. Enhanced Drag-and-Drop Functionality for Attachments

  • We have added a drag-and-drop functionality to easily add attachments, providing a seamless and responsive user experience.
  • Users can now simply drag files from their desktop or file explorer and drop them directly into the composer.

D. More Space for Email Content

  • We have increased the size of the email canvas, giving users more room to design and arrange their content.
  • With the expanded canvas, users can create emails with longer text sections and more elaborate layouts.

We believe these enhancements will significantly improve your message building process, providing a more intuitive and efficient workflow.

The update is currently live under Labs, and we encourage you to explore these new features in the conversation panel for all channels and take advantage of the improved composer.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback as we strive to deliver an exceptional user experience.