Revamped Social Planner Interface

We're excited to share that we've revamped our Social Planner UI with user-focused improvements. This new interface delivers enhanced usability and increased efficiency.

Enhanced Social Planner Interface

We've brought significant enhancements to the Social Planner, featuring a redesigned approach to Integrations, Notifications, Watermarking, and Categories. This fresh update is aimed to provide a seamless and more enjoyable user experience.

Improved Social Planner Dashboard

Our new layout brings the added convenience of reducing scrolling— facilitating ease in identifying expired socials and making new connections.

Streamlined Category Creation and Image Rendering

The category creation mechanism is now more efficient, supporting refined tags and pagination. This optimized functionality saves valuable time and simplifies the user experience.

Moreover, for a more discernable overview, we've included list view for watermark image rendering. This update breathes a new life into our Social Planner interface, making it even more organized and user-friendly.

New Category Creation and Watermark Rendering

Overcoming Social Scheduling Challenges

We've recognized and addressed the common challenge encountered by agencies in terms of social content scheduling. These issues, like account expiry or post approval failures, often hinder efficient content publishing.

Social Planner Scenario Example

With this update, we're thrilled to deliver an improved foundation for Social Planner, providing users with an exceptional and streamlined user-experience.

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