Revolutionary Enhancements: Advanced Email Stats and Filtering Options

Exciting Product Update: Advanced Email Stats and Filtering Options Now Available 🔍

We are thrilled to present our latest feature updates that will revolutionize the way you interact with your email stats and filtering options. These enhancements not only provide deeper insights into your email campaigns but also empower you to hone your communication strategies with unprecedented precision.

🔍 Highlighting Our New Features:

1. Superior Email Stat Filtering: You can now segment your contacts based on intricate email statistics. Opt to analyze contacts who have interacted with your emails in specific ways, such as Sent, Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Complained, or Bounced. This advanced level of filtering allows for hyper-targeted communication and facilitates the optimization of email marketing strategies, ensuring your messages resonate with the recipient.

2. Date Level Filtering: Our new feature now enables the filtering of contact lists within a specified date range. This granularity supports the analysis of the impact your email campaigns have over time, empowering you to make data-driven decisions that contribute to the success of your overall marketing strategy.

3. Email Sending Type Filter: Tailor your email interaction strategies with our new email sending type filter. Whether you send messages in bulk or as part of a specific campaign or workflow, you can now segment your contacts accordingly. These accurate contact lists allow for more tailored messages to be delivered to your target groups, which can be crucial for improving engagement rates and fostering meaningful relationships with customers.

By integrating these sophisticated filtering options into your daily operations, you are equipped with the comprehensive tools needed to refine and improvise your email marketing efforts seamlessly.

💡 What's Coming up Next:

On the horizon, additional improvements are being planned for Q3 and Q4, which include:

  • The feature to save filtered data as Smart Lists, allowing for quick and easy reference. 📑
  • The capability to download filtered data for offline use or external analysis. ⬇️

These upcoming enhancements are a testament to our commitment to offer the best user experience and tools for efficient email marketing strategies.

We encourage all users to take full advantage of the new features and experience the power of refined email targeting! 🎉

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