Revolutionize Your Affiliate Marketing with Manual Lead Creation in Affiliate Manager!

Unveiling the ability to manually add leads in Affiliate Manager

We’re delighted to bring you the new opportunity of manually creating leads in the Affiliate Manager. This addition was made keeping in mind the various scenarios and nuances of offline marketing interactions, campaigns, promotions, and non-traditional situations that are integral to the function of an affiliate manager.

Why Manual Leads?

Embedding the ability to manually insert leads in the Affiliate Manager is advantageous for numerous reasons:

a. Flexible Tracking: Not all conversions can be tracked through automated paths. Manual lead entry allows for tracking of unique conversions like phone orders, offline purchases, or custom events.

b. Easy Handling of Exceptions: Unique circumstances may not fit squarely into automated tracking systems. Manual leads allow for flexible handling of such situations.

c. Maintaining Trust with Affiliates: Affiliates often come across potential customers that they refer through personal or offline interactions. Manually added leads ensure that affiliates receive due credit for their efforts in these situations.

d. Ensuring Accuracy: Manual leads offer a more accurate representation of your affiliate program’s performance, aiding reporting, analysis, and decision making.

e. Supporting Offline Marketing Efforts: With manual leads, you can accommodate offline marketing activities like events, workshops, or seminars held by affiliates.

f. Easy Affiliate Onboarding: Manually added leads can also be beneficial during the onboarding of new affiliates, especially with established networks or offline marketing strategies.

g. Handling Special Campaigns or Promotions: Manual leads ensure that affiliates get their due credit for their contributions in special promotions or campaigns that involve unique tracking methods.

It’s important to note here that while manual lead addition provides flexibility and accommodates numerous scenarios, it’s crucial to implement checks and balances to prevent abuse or inaccuracies in the system. Clear guidelines should be communicated to affiliates about when and how manual leads should be submitted.

How does manual creation of leads work?

To create manual leads in the Affiliate Manager, visit the Marketing > Affiliate Manager section and enter the relevant affiliate module. Here you will find an option to add manual leads beside the add coupon button. You’ll have two options:

  1. New Lead: You can select the campaign and add basic details.
  2. Import from Contacts: You can import a contact based on offline marketing efforts by searching by name.

Please note that manually added leads will not display any relevant purchase history records.

Here are a couple of screenshot guides to assist you through the process:





For additional information, refer to our help article – “How to add manual leads in Affiliate Manager”.

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