Revolutionize Your Content Sharing: Automate and Plan Your Posts with RSS Feed

Automate and Plan Your Posts with RSS Feed

Introducing the latest update in our line of features designed to make your content sharing more efficient. This unique feature allows you to automate your sharing using RSS URLs. As you navigate through your marketing campaign, you can now alleviate the need for constant manual involvement and can trust your content sharing to continuously take place as scheduled.

Benefits of Using RSS in Social Media:

1. Content Aggregation:

With RSS, you can accumulate content from multiple sources into a singular feed. This not only declutters your informational intake but also makes it simpler for you to discover new and exciting content to share with your loved ones on social media.

2. Timely Content Sharing:

Our unique feature allows you to set up RSS feeds that automatically post content to your social media accounts. This will not only save you valuable time but also assure a steady flow of content to your followers.

By subscribing to RSS feeds from industry-specific blogs and news sites, you can always hold the pulse of the latest trends and developments, thereby, allowing your social media posts to always stay fresh and timely.

4. Manage Information Overload:

While manually surfing through multiple websites can be understandably daunting, RSS allows you to gather all your content in one place. You can now manage information more efficiently than ever before.

5. Encourage User-Generated Content:

For those who have a community or a forum, the RSS feed can be set up to monitor user-generated content. Sharing and promoting content from your community members is now easier and more efficient.

6. Consistent Posting Schedule:

Combining scheduling tools with RSS feeds will ensure a constant flow of posts, irrespective of your personal time constraints.

Directions for Creating Posts Using RSS Feed

Step 1: Navigate to Marketing tab and select ‘Social Planner’.

Step 2: Under ‘New Post’, you will find the option to select ‘RSS Post’.

Step 3: Enter the URL of your desired RSS Feed.

Step 4: Choose your preferred social media networks. Note: The feature does not currently support TikTok due to API limitations.

Step 5: Use the ‘End with’ option to add any text, hashtags, or links you would like to append to your posts.

Step 6: Opt for your preferred frequency of feed update.

Step 7: Decide on the number of posts you desire to have (ranging from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 5).

Check the latest product updates at our Product Announcement page. Use this feature to save time whilst increasing your engagement.

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