Revolutionize Your General Widgets with New Opportunity Date Filter

Exciting Update: Customize Your General Widgets with New Opportunity Date Filter

What Sparked the Enhancement

We've been listening to your feedback, and we've heard your challenges when we changed the logic to consider "Last_status_change" instead of the "Created_on" date for calculating opportunities and revenue on widgets. Many of you expressed preferences for the older logic, highlighting the necessity for a more flexible solution.

Introducing the Solution

We're thrilled to announce that our general widgets now feature a quick filter directly on the widget itself! Now, you can effortlessly switch the date property as needed, simplifying the data validation process.

This new feature is available across all plans, ensuring every SMBcrm user can enhance their dashboard's utility.

Updated General Widget

Custom Date Filter

What's Coming Next?

We're not resting on our laurels! We're progressing further by bringing the "Last_status_change" filter to the opportunity module soon, boosting your control over data validation, regardless of the property you use on your dashboard.

Additional Details

This new filter operates similarly to the funnel and user dropdown on widgets, ensuring a seamless user experience. Additionally, it saves at the user level, enhancing convenience.

Once you update the date property on one general widget, it displays automatically on all other widgets too.

We're excited about this enhancement and look forward to rolling out more updates to improve your dashboard experience.

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