Revolutionize Your Scheduling Process with the Service Calendar

We're excited to announce our innovative scheduling approach for service-based businesses — introducing the Service Calendar. An encompassing tool engineered for simplifying the scheduling process for you and your clients.

Providing Service Listings in One Central Location

No more scattered services. Clients can now effortlessly book multiple services or appointments for themselves or others through a streamlined scheduling link. All services are neatly sorted for efficient access, leading to a more organized booking experience.

Categorized Calendars for Simplified Navigation

Say goodbye to confusing schedules. We now offer dedicated calendars for each service you provide, guaranteeing efficient management. Group your calendars into categories (for example, "Hair Care" or "Skin Care") to ease your clients' navigation process. You can also choose specific groups or services to display on your scheduling page, making the selection process for your clients much more manageable.

Streamlined Booking Experience for Your Clients

Our new Service Calendar feature ensures users can book multiple services or appointments easily. They can select their preferred staff members during the booking. Additionally, they can access key details such as service duration, cost, and assigned staff members.

Who can benefit from all these updates? Many sectors, including salons and hairdressers, massage and therapy clinics, event planners, and many more!

Newly Introduced: Service Calendars

Our latest feature addition, Service Calendars allows you to define unique services and categorize them. Seamless integration with staff availability permits effective configuration of team members, service assignments, durations, and payments.

Easy Calendar Setup

Creating a calendar has never been easier. Simply provide necessary details like service duration and name. You have advanced options for further tailoring, including service logos and appointment invite titles.

Appointment Booking Made Efficient

Configuration is a breeze with sensible appointment duration, post-buffer times, and minimum scheduling notice. Collect crucial client information using default or custom forms, and accept payments directly within the calendar for smooth transactions.

The Key Benefits

The advantages of our Service Calendar feature include:

  • Simplified Booking: Clients now navigate and book services from a clear, organized interface.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: Manage multiple services and appointments seamlessly.
  • Enhanced Client Experience: Giving access to critical service details ensures clients make well-informed choices, heightening satisfaction rates.

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