Revolutionize Your Workflow: Automate Proposals, Estimates, and Contracts

Streamlining Workflows: Send Proposals, Estimates, and Contracts Automatically

We are thrilled to announce a new functionality that transforms how you configure your workflow actions. Now you can schedule the Send Proposal/Estimate action within workflows to automatically dispatch a document based on a specific trigger.

Leverage Your Templates

Use the templates customized inside the Proposals and Estimates module to dictate the document details that reach your customer.

Configurability At Its Finest

You have the power to match the action name, pick the 'From User' to establish sender details, and choose a template from the collection curated inside Proposals and Estimates. The default/custom template put in place within the proposal and estimate settings will also be employed automatically to send the document from workflows.

Configure Action Screen

Automation To Boost Efficiency

With this new feature, a host of use cases become possible. For instance, the system can send proposals when a change in opportunity status occurs, a tag is assigned to a contact, or any other trigger is activated. From automating your existing workflow builder actions to integrating new ones, the possibilities are endless.

Adding a Personal Touch to Proposals

It even enables the scenario where your business wants to deliver proposals to potential clients featuring one signature field linked to one of the business users. The other field, unassigned, will automatically get linked to the potential lead, bringing a personal touch to your proposal templates.

Proposal Template Screen

Supercharge Your Workflow Today

This new integration presents fresh and exciting opportunities to better manage your leads and improve customer interaction. Leverage the power of automated actions to make your business process seamless and give your team more time to focus on what matters most: nurturing, capturing, and closing your leads.

Start automating your proposal, estimate, and contract processing today!

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