Revolutionize Your Workflow Management with Our Enhanced Workflow Builder

Experience the Power of Our Enhanced Workflow Builder

Get ready to enjoy an enriched user experience as we unveil our newly revamped Workflow Builder! The latest enhancements promise a more streamlined and intuitive workflow management, designed to boost productivity and convenience.

Unleashing Improved Visualization

Creating and navigating through complex workflows have never been easier.

Zoom In/Zoom Out

Navigate your workflows with ease by leveraging our new Zoom In and Zoom Out feature, ensuring no detail goes unseen.

Infinite Canvas

Managing large, complex workflows is a piece of cake with our new Infinite Canvas layout. Say goodbye to boundaries and appreciate a bigger, boundless workspace.

New Workflow Builder

Fit to Screen

Optimize your workflow views quickly and conveniently using the newly added Fit to Screen feature, providing a comprehensive overview of your projects at all times.


Lost in a maze of workflows? Navigate with ease using our newly-introduced Minimap, marking your path through larger workflows.

Actions and Triggers Reimagined

Enhance your navigational experience further with our reimaged Actions and Triggers.

Regrouped Actions & Triggers

We’ve regrouped Actions and Triggers under new categories, enabling easier navigation.


Spot the differences between various types of action and trigger categories visually, with each category distinctively color-coded.

How to Enable the New Workflow Builder

Navigate to your account settings, then go to Labs and enable the "New Workflow Builder" feature for an elevated workflow management experience.

Enable New Workflow Builder

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