Revolutionizing Email Design with AI-Integrated Image Generation

Exciting New Feature: AI-Integrated Image Generation in Email Builder

We have some remarkable news to share with you! At SMBcrm, we're always innovating, always improving. Our newest update brings about an major breakthrough – now, users can generate eye-catching, tailored images right in the Email Builder using AI technology. This significant feature will no doubt give a big boost to the visual appeal and productivity of your emails, leading to better engagement and success rates.

What's New With This Integration

The integration of Image AI with our Email Builder stands as a game-changing development in simplifying the email creation process while also enhancing the quality of its output. The wide collection of customizable templates includes various formats such as hero images, banners, and product images. The intuitively designed editor allows easy modifications to these templates as per your specific branding guidelines and message alignment. The resultant AI-generated image is unique and optimized for the highest visual impact.

The Benefits Of This AI-Powered Functionality

  • Visual enhancement: AI-created images can elevate the look and feel of your emails, thereby appealing more to your recipients.
  • Engagement enrichment: Personalized visuals have been proven to augment user engagement and extend audience reach.
  • Convenient organization: The Media Library is a one-stop shop for all your media files, such as AI-generated images and other assets.
  • Streamlined processes: Direct generation of images in the media library and freedom to pick any preferred image style simplifies the workflow and grants more creative control.

How to Use This AI Integration

  1. In the builder, simply drag and drop your preferred image element.
  2. When selecting an image, two drop-down options will appear: “Upload from Media Library” and “Create Image from using AI”.
  3. Choose “Generate from Image AI” and you can customize any template as required.

Once done, the AI will deliver a one-of-a-kind, personalized image, which will be automatically stored in the “Content AI” folder within the Media Library.

A Solution to Your Pain Points

Image AI integration in Email Builder effectively eliminates the challenge of creating high-quality and personalized images in the workflow. This new feature lets you customize your images with total creative freedom and hassle-free, thus, elevating the quality of your asset creation process.

Prepare to see elevated engagement rates as you utilize AI technology to give your campaigns an edge.

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