Revolutionizing Engagement: Introducing Communities for Collaborative Discussions

Introducing Our Newest Feature – Communities!

Welcome to our latest offering: Communities! This exciting new feature is designed to enhance engagement, interaction, and collaboration within our user base. With Communities, you'll be able to create public and private groups for a wide array of discussions.

Your Gateway To Collaborative Discussion

Communities provide a platform where discussions can thrive. Whether your aim is for wider dialogue or more targeted conversations, Communities provide the space you need.

Private Groups – An Exclusive Space

Our private groups serve as hubs for authorized members to discuss and share content. This ensures a high level of confidentiality and exclusivity. Switching regular groups into private ones is simple, providing perfect avenues for focused collaboration and confidential discussions.

Understanding Role Descriptions

With Communities, there are three clearly defined roles:

  • Owner: Group creator with authority to assign roles
  • Admin: Appointed by the owner, and can assign roles within the group
  • Contributor: Active participant without administrative rights

Membership Dynamics

Joining a private group requires a request. Once approved, a link is sent by email for easy access. Requests to join are managed by owners and admins.

Transitioning Between Group Types

Switch your group from public to private at any time, making content exclusive to current members. Alternatively, convert private groups to public, accepting all pending members instantly. The group's visibility and type can be adjusted via the group settings.

What Else Is On Offer

  • Group Management Flexibility: Soft delete or restore groups for better control
  • Enhanced Member Search: Allows for swift member identification
  • Privacy Settings: Option to display phone numbers and email addresses
  • Advanced User Filters: Filter users based on status and roles
  • Security Update: Improved user privacy with hidden email addresses

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Explore the manifold opportunities with Communities and start networking!

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