Seamless Tag Renaming Now Available in SMBcrm

New Product Update – Resolved – Rename Tag Issues in Workflow

We're excited to announce a new update designed to enhance your workflow experience in SMBcrm. As part of our commitment to providing seamless and efficient tools for our users, this update addresses a key issue that many have encountered when managing tags within workflows.

Previous Behavior

Previously, renaming a tag from the "Tags" section caused the tag to be removed from workflows, inadvertently triggering any associated workflows with a "Removed Tag" filter. This could lead to unintended actions and disruptions in your processes.

What's New

With this update, renaming tags from the "Tags" section will now seamlessly update the tag in workflows without triggering any associated workflows for tag changes. This enhancement ensures that your workflows remain intact and operate smoothly, even when tags are edited.

  1. Tag a 1.0 is added in the action.

    Tag a 1.0

  2. Tag is edited from the "Tags" section to tag a 1.1.

    Editing Tag
    Edited Tag

  3. The tag is updated in the action.

Tag Updated

Benefits to You

  • Seamless Workflow Continuity: Avoid disruptions in your workflows as you manage and rename tags.
  • Increased Efficiency: Spend less time troubleshooting workflow errors caused by tag renaming.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Maintain precise and accurate tag associations across your tasks and automation.

We believe these improvements will significantly enhance your workflow management and operational efficiency. As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions to make SMBcrm even better.

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For more details or to see this update in action, don't hesitate to request a demo or contact us.