Secure & Streamlined User Management Updates

Enhanced User Management Updates For More Secure Access

We have exciting news to share! We've improved our User Creation system to make it more secure and self-sufficient. You asked, and we listened.

No More Pre-set Passwords

We understand that security is everything. That's why we have enhanced the new user creation process. Admins will no longer need to set a password for their users. Instead, users will create their own passwords. No more passwords floating out there in emails!

Improved User Creation

Invitation Email Without Password Information

With the new update, when a new user is created, they will receive an informational email. This email will no longer include their password. Instead, it will provide a link for them to create their own.

Secure Activation Process

The email contains a call-to-action (CTA), directing new users towards account activation. By simply clicking, they will be prompted to set their own password. More secure, less fuss.

Simple Login Procedures

Once the password has been created, users may then log in to their account using their email address and their newly created password. Made by the user, for their account.

Keeping Admins In The Loop

Alongside these enhancements, we have also implemented a system that sends emails to Agency Admins about User Creation. This feature will allow you to keep track of your team and their account settings.


In case the new user hasn't received the Activation email or it has expired, the admin can send the email again. This can be done via our Teams/MyStaff page by clicking on the Verification Email button. This button will remain accessible until the user sets their password.

We hope these enhancements make managing your accounts easier and more secure. User Management has always been top-of-mind here at SMBcrm, and we are continually working on ways to enhance this feature.

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