Shopify Order Syncing: Simplify Your Sales Pipeline

Shopify Order Syncing Now Available

We're pleased to announce a key feature update that will largely benefit our e-commerce users utilizing Shopify. This update gives you the ability to sync your orders placed on Shopify directly within your SMBcrm account.

This is a feature aimed at improving your tracking and reporting capabilities, while also giving you an overall better view of your sales pipeline across multiple platforms.

Key Enhancements

The order details placed through Shopify can be instantly synced in your account under the Payments -> Orders section. This will enable you to view associated transaction values directly within your account, thereby, enhancing your proficiency to keep track of the sales straightforwardly.

Order Details

Setting Up The Feature

By default, this setting is turned off for existing and new connections. To start using it, you just need to check the box against Sync new Shopify orders in your account settings.

Sync Orders

Benefits Of The Feature

One of the key attributes of this sync feature is its ability to reflect order details on the Payments tab on the Contacts page. In addition, this feature attributes to the customer's lifetime value (LTV), which is a critical metric in understanding your customer base's profitability.

Payment Tab

This feature saves you an enormous amount of time in synchronizing orders manually and enables you to manage your customer base more efficiently. Furthermore, it allows you to drill down into your sales data, enabling you to make more informed decisions based on this data.

To understand the new update's detailed functionality, you can request a demo. Direct any further inquiries to our Contact Us page.

We continue to strive in making your user experience seamless and efficient. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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