Showcasing Currency Versatility in Our Latest Feature

Showcase Your Versatility with our Latest Feature

Currency is a crucial facet of digital business. Understanding this, we have spiced up our platform to allow you to send documents and contracts in your preferred currency. This hot off the press feature means no more tying of documents’ product list currency to the pre-defined country of the account. This will add a layer of accessibility to your business process, as it allows you to conduct transactions and create invoices that truly reflect your business activity and client needs (read more about our recent updates).

Facilitate International Transactions with Ease

We know that for many of our users, business doesn’t stop at their country’s borders. This enhancement empowers your business operations on a global scale. Choose and accept payment in any preferred currency, streamlining business processes and preemptively answering the needs of clients and partners around the world.

Create Documents and Invoices All Set for Your International Business

Not only does this feature add simplification, but it also addresses a significant concern of many users. We’ve heard your feedback about invoices and documents being constrained by the account’s country, and we took action. Now, invoices and documents reflect the currency that suits your operations best, rather than being tied to the location of your account.

For more information on how to leverage this new feature, be sure to request a demo. Our team would be more than happy to walk you through the details and help you get the most from the enhanced capabilities.

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