Significant Improvements to Our Unsubscribe Flow

We’re thrilled to share that significant improvements have been made to our unsubscribe flow. This is another step forward in addressing your key concerns and enhancing the overall user experience. The updated unsubscribe flow aims to bring more seamlessness and intuitiveness to your subscription management process.

Identified Issues

Here are a few issues that we captured:

Repetitive Emails on Unsubscribed Topics

We heard your dissatisfaction with receiving emails on topics you had previously unsubscribed from.

Incomplete Unsubscribe Process

The unsubscribe process was not completed by many users, leading to unintentional subscriptions and unnecessary communications from us.

Limited Agency Insights

Agencies were facing challenges in monitoring unsubscribe trends and reasons, which affected their decision-making and campaign improvements.

Our Response: Streamlined Unsubscribe Process

In response to your concerns, here’s what we’ve done:

As soon as a user clicks on the unsubscribe link, we automatically update their Do Not Disturb (DND) preferences, and they are unsubscribed. We then present users with an optional survey to indicate their reason for unsubscribing. However, if the user subscribed within the last one hour, we will ask to confirm the email before proceeding with the unsubscribe action.

Updated Unsubscribe Flow

Benefits of the New Unsubscribe Process

The enhancements come with several benefits:

Improved User Experience

The updated unsubscribe flow ensures that you receive emails on topics you genuinely wish to engage with, reducing frustration and enhancing overall satisfaction.

Streamlined Confirmation for Fresh Subscribers

We require only fresh subscribers to affirm their intent by confirming their email, reducing unnecessary steps for existing subscribers and inadvertent resubscriptions.

Reduced Support Tickets

We aim to significantly decrease the number of support tickets generated related to email confirmation, streamlining our support processes and improving response times.

Enhanced Visibility for Agencies

Agencies can now access more comprehensive data and insights into trends and reasons for unsubscribing, enabling data-driven decisions to enhance client email campaigns.

We believe these enhancements will lead to a more satisfying and effective experience for all our clients.

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