Social Planner Introduces Watermarking Feature

Exciting Product Update – Social Planner Introduces Watermarking Feature

We are thrilled to announce a feature update to your Social Planner. Now, you have the ability to add watermarks to every image you post on social media.

Watermarks are visible translucent designs or text layered over digital images or documents. They serve various crucial functions, including asserting ownership, protecting copyright, aiding in brand recognition, and serving promotional purposes.

Here’s how you can add watermarks with Social Planner:

How to Create a Watermark?

  1. Navigate to ‘Marketing’, then select ‘Social Planner.’
  2. Open the ‘Settings’ of Social Planner.
  3. Amongst the various tab, select the ‘Watermark’ tab.
    Watermark Tab Location
  4. Click the ‘Add Watermark’ button.
    • Include your desired watermark name.
    • Choose the alignment for the watermark – Top, Bottom, Right, Left, or Center.
    • Determine the desired opacity for your watermark.
    • Resize the watermark image to your liking.
    • Enable ‘Auto Padding’ to add more space around your logo if needed.
  5. By default, the watermark will be added to all your image posts. Advanced settings provide the option to turn off the watermark if desired.
    Watermark Options
    Watermark Settings

Please note, that the feature only supports one watermark at a time and does not apply to video posts. Also, the watermark you set will be added to all your socials.
Watermark in Action

This feature gives you the ability to claim ownership of your images, helps in shaping your brand, and can be used as a promotional tool. Set your watermark and let your images speak for themselves.

Don’t miss out on understanding how this new feature can boost your company’s online branding efforts. Schedule a demo with us today.

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