Stay Ahead with the Latest Courses Updates

Stay Ahead with the Latest Courses Updates

Discover What’s New

No more indefinite offers, it’s time to value every passing moment. Embrace this opportunity with our latest product updates, adding limited-time offers for our courses. The updates are designed to improve user experience, making every opportunity with us count big time.

Three crucial updates build up the foundation of this new feature:

  • Offers with access start date only – Dive deep into elite offers that kick start from a selected date. It’s a great opportunity to get early access and start ahead of time.
  • Offers with an access number of days only – Capitalize on short-term deals that last just a few days. These limited-time accesses are meant for those who like to seize the moment.
  • Offers with both access start date and number of days – Target the exciting launches and relish the limited-time offers. Save the dates and enjoy the selective offers for a particular duration, just like our holiday promotions.

All of these pathways are designed to empower our end users in their pursuit of learning, upholding our commitment to make learning accessible, and delight!



When Bugs Become Past

We can’t let the bugs hold you back! This is why we constantly make fixes and enhancements to our features to ensure an uninterrupted learning journey for you.

The recent round of bug fixes includes improved extraction of posts and videos from Kajabi, enabling a smoother information and content flow. We also streamlined the ‘Mark as complete’ button for quizzes and assignments, making course progress tracking more accurate and easier than ever.

Last but not least, a series of UI Hotfixes for the Common Navbar ensure that everything stays in perfect place, making the navigation experience seamless and intuitive.

In Case You Missed It

Visit our product updates section to stay updated with our recent enhancements and new product releases. Don’t miss out on any opportunity that makes the learning journey more enjoyable and effective with us.