Streamline Your Transactions with Enhanced Quickbooks Integration

Enhanced Quickbooks Integration to Streamline Your Transactions

It's our continuous endeavor to provide smoother and more efficient experiences for you. In the light of this endeavor, we're thrilled to announce that we've improved our Quickbooks integration capabilities significantly. This fresh enhancement focuses on streamlining your transactions by automatically creating sales receipts inside Quickbooks whenever a transaction is processed on your SMBcrm account.

Seamless Transaction Processing with Auto-Created Sales Receipts

From now onward, whenever you process a payment via the order forms or calendars – or even make subsequent subscription payments – a sales receipt will be created automatically inside Quickbooks. This intricate synchronization between SMBcrm and Quickbooks makes your transaction processing more streamlined and hassle-free.

Prompt Customer Data Handling

Do you often find yourself dealing with the same customer on Quickbooks and SMBcrm? You're in for a treat! If a transaction is processed with an email id that matches with a customer's email inside Quickbooks, we'll promptly update the sales receipt corresponding to the same customer inside Quickbooks.

Can't find the customer in Quickbooks? Don't worry, we've got you covered! For transactions where the customer's email id doesn't correspond with an existing one in Quickbooks, a new customer will be created in Quickbooks against that email id for smoother data management.

Enabling The Enhanced Integration

To connect your Quickbooks account, just navigate to your account's Settings -> Integrations. This integration enhancement will start working for businesses who already have Quickbooks connected without requiring any extra steps.

The only downside (for now) is that payments made via invoices will not generate sales receipts inside Quickbooks. But rest assured, we are vigorously working on it. Our upcoming release will offer an invoice sync feature that'll create an invoice inside Quickbooks as soon as an invoice is sent from your SMBcrm account.

Quickbooks Integration Flowchart
Image caption: Smooth Quickbooks integration making transaction processing easier.

Account Integration Set Up
Image caption: Integrating accounts becomes a breeze.

Transaction Processing Screenshot
Image caption: Seamless transaction processing at your fingertips.

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