Streamline Your Workflow and Optimize Domain Management with New IONOS Integration

New Domain Integrations For Streamlined Workflow and Enhanced Functionality

Have you been seeking a simplified way to manage and optimize your domains? At SMBcrm, we understand the importance of smooth functionality, enhancement and streamlined workflow in your domain management endeavors. That's why we are thrilled to introduce the integration of the leading domain provider, IONOS, with Domain Connect on our platform! This new feature allows you to easily link any domain registered with IONOS to your funnels and websites.

How it Works

We've made the whole process effortless with a few easy steps:

  1. Navigate to the "Domain" tab and click on "Add Domain".
  2. In the provided field, input your root domain or subdomain.
  3. Suppose you're incorporating the "www" subdomain, in that case, you'll spot a toggle option to add the root domain with it. Decide if you want to add the root domain along with "www" or vice versa.
  4. Hit the "Next" button.
  5. This step will redirect you to the IONOS domain provider's interface to connect or append the required DNS records automatically.
  6. Complete the authorization process, shut that tab, and return to the Domain Connect interface.
  7. The necessary entries will be added in our system, guaranteeing the liaison between your domain and the desired service or application.

Instruction visual 1
Instruction visual 2

Enhanced Functionality & Streamlined Workflow

This integration not only simplifies your domain management process but also elevates your functionality. There's no need to jump between different platforms or manually configure DNS records – it's all centralized for your convenience. Moreover, the benefits of Domain Connect capabilities are at your fingertips! This includes an easy setup for your subdomains and automated DNS record configuration, allowing you to make the most of your IONOS domain.

To learn more about this feature and other recent enhancements, feel free to request a demo. We are committed to continuously offering you the best lead management solutions possible.

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