Streamlined Global Link Customization Now Available in Email Builder

Streamlined Global Link Customization Now Available in Email Builder

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new feature in our Email Builder to help streamline the content creation process. Now, you can easily manage the appearance of your links across all email content by setting link parameters directly in our enhanced Global Appearance section.

We Heard You!

This update was implemented based on user feedback. We wanted to simplify the link customization process and make your email projects more uniform and consistent with minimal effort.

Check out the following image to see the updated system:

Key Benefits of Our Update:

Whether you are a novice or seasoned email marketer, we aim to simplify the process and save you time:

  • Ease of Consistency: Design professional and uniform emails by defining your link colors and styles globally.
  • Time Efficiency: Avoid manual adjustments in multiple areas. Set parameters globally and see those changes applied across your project.
  • Adaptability: With global settings, you can quickly adjust your links to keep up with design trends. That way, your email content is always modern and relevant.

To access these benefits, go to the Global Appearance section in the Email Builder and choose your preferred style and color under the Link section.

Flexibility in Inline Editing

Inline edits made to links will automatically override global settings. This functionality provides flexibility while ensuring specific customization needs are met while maintaining overall consistency.

Trust us, this enhancement is set to significantly improve your email content creation process, offering both simplicity and customization efficiency.


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