Streamlined Payouts: Add PayPal Directly to Affiliate Profiles

Streamlined Payouts: Add PayPal Directly to Affiliate Profiles

We’re excited to announce that both administrators and affiliates can now seamlessly integrate PayPal as a payout method directly in affiliate profiles. This update aims to simplify the payout process and fully integrate with the Auto Payouts via PayPal feature, offering an enhanced user experience and streamlined operations.

What’s New?

This latest update allows users to add PayPal as a payout method for their Affiliates. This makes payments faster and more convenient. Moreover, affiliates can easily add or modify their PayPal account details straight from the client portal, further enhancing accessibility and control over their information.

Implementation Steps

For Administrators:

Follow these simple steps to incorporate this new feature:

  1. Access the Affiliate’s Profile Page.
  2. Go to the ‘Payout Methods’ Tab.
  3. Click ‘Add Payout Method’.
  4. Input the Affiliate’s PayPal Email ID.
  5. Click ‘Done’.

For Affiliates:

Implementing this new feature is an effortless process:

  1. Open the Affiliate Portal.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Commissions’ Tab.
  3. Select ‘Add Payout Method’.
  4. Type in your PayPal Email ID.
  5. Click ‘Done’.

Why It Matters

This feature enhancement:

  • Enables automatic payouts using PayPal, which can significantly improve the speed and reliability of transactions.
  • Makes it faster and simpler to deliver payments to Affiliates.
  • Gives affiliates the autonomy to manage their payout details directly via the client portal, saving them time and increasing their control over their information.

Important Note

Please ensure you enter a valid PayPal email ID to guarantee successful payouts.

Adding Payout Method
PayPal Payout Setup
PayPal Email Entry
Once Done Button Pressed
Successful Addition

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