Tailored Product Descriptions Now Available

Showcasing our latest product update: Tailored product descriptions in order forms

In our constant endeavor to add value and simplify your experience on our platform, we’ve rolled out a new product feature that allows you to incorporate your customized product descriptions directly in the order forms.

This new product description toggle in the products screen will display the description that you’ve added. While this option is turned OFF as a default setting in new and existing order forms, you have the flexibility to turn it ON as per your preference.

To enhance the understanding and usage of these toggles, the existing product description now falls under a streamlined label called “Pricing Information”. For new funnels, this toggle is set to ON, while in existing ones, the toggle retains your existing preference. These changes are geared towards eliminating the confusion we noticed some users had with the existing product description toggle.

Image showing new product update

Introducing “Full name validation” in order forms

To further equip your order forms with enriched features, we have now introduced a “Full name validation” toggle. Once turned ON, this toggle validates the names entered in the forms. It checks for at least two parts in the names, along with validating for certain special characters. If you prefer the current behavior of the name field, you can choose to keep this option OFF.

With these updates, we continue to bring you improved features and richer experiences on our platform.

Image of full name validation toggle
Image showing toggle settings in form

Get a closer look at the update

For detailed insights about these features, please check out this comprehensive article on this new product update.

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