Unleash Your Potential with Enhanced Exporting: Discover the Latest Features of SMBcrm

Experience the Power of Enhanced Exports for Opportunities at SMBcrm

Welcome to a brand-new era of efficiency and control with the latest enhancements to Opportunities Export feature. Designed meticulously to streamline your user experience, these developments promise increased flexibility and boosted productivity.

Custom Fields Export

Starting today, your exported file will now include all custom fields that are associated with opportunities. Have you created a custom field for opportunities? You'll find these seamlessly integrated into your exported data. Our team at SMBcrm understands that every business needs a bespoke approach. Hence, the customization advantages we offer aims to cater to your unique needs more effectively.

Filter Based Exports

Experience an elevated sense of control with your Opportunities Exports. You can now export opportunities based on specific filters. This profound feature ensures that your exports only include relevant and focused data that is visible on the board. Say goodbye to cluttered data files and start benefiting from a more simplified, organized exporting process.

Boundless Opportunities Export

We take immense pride in introducing an enhancement that you've been eagerly waiting for – No limit on Opportunities Exported. All visible board opportunities can now be exported without any constraints. Just imagine the immense possibilities and freedom this development presents before you!

Together, these advancements take the power of exporting to new heights while empowering you with more control and convenience. Remember, to avoid page reloads or navigating away from opportunities during an ongoing export to prevent any disruptions.

Experience these enhancements first-hand by requesting a demo.

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