Unleash Your Video Marketing Potential: Introducing Video Lead Generation with Interactive Forms

Harness the Power of Video Content with Our Latest Lead Generation Feature

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a highly-requested feature: lead generation with hosted videos using forms. Transform your video content into a lead generation engine by gating the playback of your videos with intuitive and engaging forms.

Amplify Your Lead Generation

With powerful features at your disposal, this new feature lets you restrict a user's ability to watch a video beyond a set timestamp and present them with a popup form to capture their details. Here's why this feature is a game changer:

  • Create effective video content and drive conversions by gating access at pivotal moments.
  • Engage customers and generate leads effortlessly.
  • Inspire viewers to take the next step, such as joining courses or completing registrations.
  • Fuse attractive forms with your videos to convert them into potent marketing funnels.

Get Started with Video Lead Generation

Setting up your lead generation video is incredibly straightforward. Navigate to your video element, select 'Hosted Video', and then enable the "Generate leads from video" toggle.

Following these simple steps, you can adjust key settings such as the precise timestamp for your form popup, which form to display, and whether users can close the form to continue watching. Disabling the form closure option will ensure users must submit the form to continue with their video.

Things to Keep in Mind

To provide the best viewing experience for your users while maximizing your lead generation, the following points should be noted:

  • For users who have successfully completed a specific form on a particular video, the lock will not be shown again for two weeks. They will have unrestricted access to the full video.
  • This lead generation feature is exclusively available in the new funnel/website builder, located in 'Location Settings > Labs'.
  • Currently, this feature is not compatible with video elements residing inside a popup due to potential overlapping issues.

Start boosting your conversions today. Visit our demo to learn more about this fantastic feature, or request a demo with our SMBcrm team.

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