Unleashing Enhanced Control and Granular Details with Multi-Commission Support

New Feature Release: Enhanced Control With Multi-Commission Support and Granular Product Commission Details

We're thrilled to announce an exceptional upgrade to our Affiliate Manager within SMBcrm. This update gives users more control and adaptability in defining product-based commissions. Furthermore, this enhancement provides insights into detailed commission information to both your clients and affiliates.

Feature Update

What's New? 🌟

Now you can set unique commission rates for different product variants, offering a more custom-tailored commission structure.

2. Fine-Tune Commission Strategies πŸ“ˆ

Our platform lets you specify commission values for each product variant. Therefore, you can guide affiliates towards promoting specific products that yield higher commissions.

3. Global & Individual Settings 🌍

Decide whether to maintain a uniform commission structure or set unique commissions for different product variants. The choice is yours!

4. Effortless Configuration πŸ”„

Setting up your product-based commission values has never been easier. Accessible from your campaign create/edit page, setup is now intuitive and straightforward.

5. Transparent Commission Visibility πŸ”

We're enhancing transparency. Now, customers and affiliates can see detailed commission specifics on each product page, including variant-specific commission rates.

6. Comprehensive Affiliate Dashboards πŸ“Š

Affiliates now have access to a dashboard where they can view their product variant performance metrics, including clicks, conversions, and commissions.

How to Get Started πŸŽ‰

  • Navigate to the campaign create/edit page within Affiliate Manager
  • Scroll to the 'Campaign Commission Type' section and choose 'Product Based Commission'
  • Click on variant options to set or view commission rates for each variant
  • Save your changes
  • Explore the new affiliate dashboards to gain valuable insights into commission metrics

We firmly believe these updates will significantly uplift the affiliate management experience and provide more strategic control, elevating the functionality of your Lead 365.


Remember, if you aren’t utilizing this feature, you’re not taking full advantage of our SMBcrm Platform. Learn more about maximizing your benefits in our pricing section.

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