Unleashing the Power of Control: Introducing Enhanced Calendar Booking Widgets

Empowerment through Enhanced Control Over Calendar Booking Widgets

We're excited to announce the arrival of our new enhancement, aiming to empower our users with improved control over the calendar booking widget. This new feature allows users to make the decision to either display or hide the total number of available seats for each slot in Class booking calendars. By doing so, users will have more authority on how important information is presented.

Making Informed Choices Based on Seat Availability

This updated feature provides a substantial benefit to those booking appointments. With knowledge about the number of open seats for each time slot, individuals can shape their decisions accordingly. This leads to more informed choices and better management when dealing with appointments.

A Refreshed Look and Feel

Aside from functionality, what's a product enhancement without a little visual improvement? Our latest update not just enhances the way you perceive available slots, but also adds a visual bliss to your interaction with the booking calendar.

Refreshed Look

We are on a constant journey to improve our services and offerings at SMBcrm. As we continue to roll out updates that hone our products, we'll ensure to keep you updated.

For more on this, you can explore our Pricing or FAQ sections, or simply Contact Us for more personalized assistance. Also, don't hesitate to Request a Demo if you'd like to experience our newest features first-hand.

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Introducing SMBcrm

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